concern */*/*/

concern */*/*/
I UK [kənˈsɜː(r)n] / US [kənˈsɜrn] noun
Word forms "concern":
singular concern plural concerns
a) [uncountable] a feeling of worry about something, especially one that a lot of people have about an important issue
concern about/over/at:

Many people expressed concern over moves to restore the death penalty.

There's a lot of public concern about modern farming methods.

concern that:

There is some concern that the country may slide into civil war.

express/voice concern:

Many people have voiced concern over the proposed changes in the law.

cause concern/be a cause for concern:

Doctors said her condition was causing concern.

growing/widespread concern:

There is growing concern about the safety of mobile phones.

a matter of concern (= something that makes people feel worried):

The issue of alcohol-related crime is becoming a matter of great concern.

b) [countable] something that worries you

Landfill sites raise some important environmental concerns.

concern about/over:

The trip was cancelled because of concerns about safety.

raise/express/voice concerns:

Many doctors have raised concerns about the drug.

deep/grave concerns:

The changes have raised deep concerns in the local community.

main/major concern:

Eighteen percent of people said unemployment was their main concern.

2) [countable/uncountable] something that you think is important

My only concern is to find my daughter.

main/primary/major concern:

Our primary concern is to give our clients practical care.

Adjectives frequently used with concern
▪  central, chief, main, major, overriding, primary, principal
3) [uncountable] a feeling that you care about someone and want them to be happy and well
concern for:

He showed a complete lack of concern for the children's welfare.

genuine concern:

"Are you alright?" she said with genuine concern.

a) [singular, always in negatives] if something is not your concern, you are not responsible for it and do not need to become involved in it

His private life is no concern of ours.

b) [singular] if something is your concern, you are responsible for it and have to deal with it

If children are missing school then that is the parents' concern.

5) [countable] a business

a large concern employing 60 people

II UK [kənˈsɜː(r)n] / US [kənˈsɜrn] verb [transitive]
Word forms "concern":
present tense I/you/we/they concern he/she/it concerns present participle concerning past tense concerned past participle concerned
1) [never passive] to worry someone

It concerns me that these people are not getting the support they need.

We want to know about the issues that concern you, the voters.

2) [never passive] to be about a particular subject

The story concerns a man who was a friend of mine.

3) [never progressive] to involve or affect someone

My past doesn't concern you.

These changes concern everyone who has children of school age.

English dictionary. 2014.

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